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Lexington, KY

Real Estate Photos for a Beautiful Barnhouse

This country home has to be one of the most unique and awesome listings I’ve ever seen.  Originally a smaller house sitting next to a barn, the owner had the two renovated and combined to make the beautiful home that sits there now.  Keeping the original structure of the house and barn, it a very unique feel inside, and entire property has Kentucky outdoors written all over it.  At the time of the shoot the leaves had just begun changing to fall colors, and the view looking down to the North Elkhorn Creek was spectacular.

Typically the better the listing, the greater the expectation is for great photos.  With that, I used automatic bracketing on this one, and spent plenty of extra time in post processing.  Blending different exposures of the same image can produce great results when done correctly, and I think these ones turned out pretty good.

Here’s some highlights of what I call “the barnhouse” just outside Lexington, Ky.