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Catch 22 HDR Photography

For almost five years Catch 22 restaurant in Hilton Head Island, SC was basically my home away from home.  From 2006 until 2010 I worked there, played there, built some great friendships, and was exposed to the best food I’ve ever had.  It’s a one of a kind place that gives me a special feeling to have been a part of it.   A few weeks ago while down visiting the island, I had the opportunity to get back into Catch 22 and photograph its interiors.  The owners are still good friends of mine, so getting in the door was pretty easy.  I wanted to try and provide them with some new materials for advertising and marketing, plus jump on the opportunity to photograph such a cool place.  Up to this point commercially, I’d done some offices and retail spaces, but never a space quite like this one.  Seashell tables, place settings, hanging glassware and fresh artwork?  Yes please.

I enjoyed being back around my old home base.  There were subtle changes here and there, and the biggest change I looked forward to seeing was all the artwork.  The restaurant is also an art gallery full of amazing photos and paintings by local artist L. Robert Stanfield.  Each time he switches out his work or sells it, the new stuff he brings in changes the atmosphere and brings a new look.  I always liked that about working there… great changing scenery in the same place.

On top of the artwork, the food is the best on the island.  Chef Bryan Bobinchuck does amazing things with fresh seafood, and it’d take a whole different article to tackle that.  If you’ve never been there, it needs to go on your list.

With these photos, I went with the tripod and automatic bracketing method to shoot the interiors.  The shoot was in the middle of the day with lots of bright natural light coming in, and I wanted to get the right exposures of the insides without the blown out windows.  So, for some of the photos I exposed for the windows, and for others for the tables, chairs or art.  Afterwords I had multiple images ranging from light to dark from each angle giving me plenty to work with in editing.  I blended the multiple exposures into HDR images in Photoshop, then made some slider adjustments as needed.


I’m pleased with what I ended up with, and I sure hope the owners of Catch 22 are too.  They gave me an opportunity to try something different and new with photography, and if these are of help to them then awesome.  It was great to see them and the restaurant, and looking forward to the next visit.


A few more from the shoot:

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