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Catch 22 HDR Photography

For almost five years Catch 22 restaurant in Hilton Head Island, SC was basically my home away from home.  From 2006 until 2010 I worked there, played there, built some great friendships, and was exposed to the best food I’ve ever had.  It’s a one of a kind place that gives me a special feeling to have …

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adambphoto covering DB Homes construction of the St. Jude Dreamhome in Lexington, Ky

Veranda Veranda

Maybe my favorite part of shooting houses is when I come across a listing with an awesome back porch or veranda.  Composing pictures with what the back porch gives you can be a lot more fun than some of the more cubical interior pics.  Handrails, decks and concrete edges provide great leading lines, while pergolas, exterior brick …

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HDR Explained

HDR Photography What is HDR? Definition: High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a digital photography technique whereby multiple exposures of the same scene are layered and merged using image editing software to create a more realistic image, or a dramatic effect. The combined exposures can display a wider range of tonal values than what the …

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A Fast Sale… 4013 Boone Creek Rd

The goal of AB Photo is to provide outstanding photography services to help homes sell faster. After checking in with Realtor Brian Erwin of ERA Select Real Estate, I couldn’t be happier to find out the photos for his listing at 4013 Boone’s Creek Rd helped accomplish exactly that.  He informed me that following the photoshoot, …

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HDR Photos for a Lexington Condo

Whether it’s a 8,000 square foot home or a 800 square foot condo, every listing needs great photography.  Serious sellers provide the best pictures possible to advertise and market their homes.  Earlier in the month AB Photo shot a 776 square foot 2 Bed/2 Bath condo in the Bainbridge Ct. area for Keller Williams agent Bob Sophiea. …

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Kavenaugh II: Flash vs. HDR

Last Friday I had the opportunity to photograph another one of DB Homes new construction houses.  This one was just completed at 1012 Kavenaugh Ln off of Todds Rd in the Brighton East neighborhood.  An off-camera remote flash supplemented all kinds of natural light coming through the windows, as this one was shot in the …

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