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Kavenaugh II: Flash vs. HDR

Last Friday I had the opportunity to photograph another one of DB Homes new construction houses.  This one was just completed at 1012 Kavenaugh Ln off of Todds Rd in the Brighton East neighborhood.  An off-camera remote flash supplemented all kinds of natural light coming through the windows, as this one was shot in the late afternoon on a sunny day. The final roll of photos ended up being a combination of both flash photography and the HDR method of blending multiple exposures with automatic bracketing.  For some pictures there was a mixture of natural light, incandescent lights (regular light bulbs), and camera flash with a large depth of field in the frame, and the HDR method seemed to give me a much more balanced photo than what I was getting with a single exposure.  At the same time, other ones were simply cleaner and sharper images with a single exposure.

In a lot of the rooms I shot using both methods and simply compared the final two methods and picked the best one… another learning experience for me. Under what circumstances is one typically better than the other and why?  For some areas the two were very similar, and in others there was a huge difference.  With shots looking out windows the HDR method allows the camera to focus and expose for both inside the room and out through the window clearly, and the transitions in the picture from dark to light go much smoother.  I’m learning that sometimes it’s not all one way or the other, as long as the photos look great why not use both?  In the end, it’s all about making the client happy, and in this case they were quite pleased with the results.

samples from using both methods:

master bath in HDR
1012 Kavenaugh Ln top of the stairs HDR
1012 Kavenaugh Ln master bath in HDR
1012 Kavenaugh Ln living room in HDR
1112 Kavenaugh Ln.
single exposure of the island counter top and kitchen cabinets
1012 Kavenaugh Ln living room in HDR
single exposure of the kitchen
1012 Kavenaugh Ln kitchen in HDR
1012 Kavenaugh Ln master bedroom in HDR
1012 Kavenaugh Ln

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