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1072 Kavenaugh Ln kitchen in HDR

New Construction

     Some highlights from a new construction house at 1072 Kavenaugh Ln,.  This is one of DB Homes new houses in the Brighton East neighborhood off of Todds Rd.  With no time constraints for shooting this house, I took the opportunity to practice shooting in Active D-Lighting (ADL) mode, as well as experimenting with different settings taking multiple exposures with Automatic Bracketing.  The photos taken in ADL mode turned out great, but the best ones were the results of using Automatic Bracketing.  After getting the photos on the computer, I blended the multiple exposures in Photoshop to create high-dynamic-range (HDR) images.  This technique merges multiple shots of the same scene to improve the total dynamic range of the photograph.  HDR processing requires significantly more time than “normal” editing, but the results certainly make it worth it.