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St. Jude Dreamhome Final Cut

The St. Jude Dreamhome Giveway in Lexington is officially in the books.  The project raised $700,000 for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, by selling 7,000 raffle tickets at $100/apiece… with the money all going straight to cancer research, and the keys going straight to the new owner.  Drew and Erin Brester with …

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adambphoto covering DB Homes construction of the St. Jude Dreamhome in Lexington, Ky

Veranda Veranda

Maybe my favorite part of shooting houses is when I come across a listing with an awesome back porch or veranda.  Composing pictures with what the back porch gives you can be a lot more fun than some of the more cubical interior pics.  Handrails, decks and concrete edges provide great leading lines, while pergolas, exterior brick …

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Sunset Shoot in Summerfield

A.B. Photo Lexington Real Estate Photography Sunset Shoot in Summerfield It’s all about the lighting.  In real estate photography, or any photography this is very true.  I’ve found that the lighting conditions in different homes are what make or break the entire shoot, and the better the light the better the photos.   Even with …

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Dollhouse in Danville

“Wow! Every room is like a present…” -adam brester One of the best parts about photographing real estate is getting to see and be around awesome real estate all the time.  Some of the homes I’ve seen are amazing, and this life-size dollhouse is a perfect example.  A.B. Photo traveled an hour south to Danville, Ky …

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Photos off Polo Club

Listing Photography for a Serious Seller In listing photography, I’m learning that you can tell how serious the seller is based on the way they prepare their home for photos and showings.  To me, a seller that recognizes and actually does all the small things to get their home ready to show and take pictures …

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Benefits of Staging a Home

Benefits of Staging a Home: picturing it v.s. seeing it There are a number of benefits of staging a home.  Mainly, it can make a home sell faster.  It helps potential buyers envision living there, and evokes positive emotional reactions that are vital to moving towards the sale.  With new construction homes particularly, staging provides some life …

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Showing off Southland

Not all photo sessions are the same.  The difference between a great shoot and a just OK one sometimes has nothing to do with the property or home, and everything to do with the people I’m working with.  When the Realtor and homeowner are on board to help get the home ready and staged, the …

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Lexington real estate photography adambphoto abphoto listing photos real estate photographer lexington

Courtyard on Cassidy

Originally, the adambrester.wordpress.com website was designed to be a portfolio of photos, and to provide examples of my work to potential clients.  A simple concept, here’s my card… check out the site to see photos.  Attracting business via the internet was a goal, but I wasn’t sure how much traffic I would actually get.  As …

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Starbursts in Hartland

A.B. Photo Lexington Real Estate Photography It’s been an incredibly busy last few days, shooting seven houses on Monday and Tuesday this week.  All the preparations, marketing and networking spent in the last couple weeks are starting to pay off.  Since launching the new website, there’s now plenty of catching up to do to with …

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Preparing Your Home for Great Photos

Some important things to remember when preparing a home for photos: What is the purpose of taking real estate photos? to showcase a home’s rooms, spaces and features to potential buyers to raise interest from potential buyers, and get them to want to come see the home in person to help sell the home Agreed? …

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